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October 2054,

The "F" virus spread throughout the world and infected 97% of the population. The scientists at FIND THE KEY started to look for an antidote. They got the right formula but when they tried to create the serum, one of the main reactors in the basement lab exploded and created a rupture in the space-time continuum.  According to the rumors, the formula is still  hidden somewhere in the basement of the infected building.

You and a few immune survivors are the last hope of the world. You will have to infiltrate and search through the different universes in order to find the formula and save the world.
But beware! The joyful and caring game masters you once knew are no longer the same as they might have been affected by the "F" virus.
Are you ready to go through the dark side of each scenario?
Will you have the courage to face your fears in order to save humankind?

Disclaimer: Once exposed to the "F" virus there will be a real risk of getting infected.   ;)



*This is a special event involving all scenarios, no escape rooms will be available on October 28-29th*

In case you missed it

Thank you Journal de Montreal for aknowledging Find The Key as one of the best activities to do in our beautiful city.


Thank you Jano Lapin (art/lifestyle/culture blog) for such beautiful article. It was a pleasure having you. Read the whole article

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