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The most immersive Scenario

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The most immersive Scenario

The clients have spoken:

Best Escape Room We've ever played

It took us more than 3 months to finish the scenario, and now, after we've got enough feedback from our customers, we can say without a doubt that this is the best scenario in Montreal, and arguably in Quebec.

The construction is realistic and features multi-rooms, with an impressive level of detail. The atmosphere is extremely immersive, complete with sounds and lights. The story is intriguing and gives everyone shivers down their spine.

The rustic environment is combined with a lot of electronic puzzles and sensors, that gives the Cabin In The Woods a mystical breeze and a magic touch. To be successful, the teams must have a good communication skills and be aware of the environment around.

Like all our other rooms, this scenario is meant to be a challenge and will not be easy to defeat, but we guarantee a lot of fun and adrenaline.

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