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Origins of escape rooms (part 1)

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Origins of escape rooms (part 1)

All of us here at “Find the Key” are big fans of puzzles and escape games, also known as “real life escape games”, “live action escape games” or simply “escape rooms”. There is a huge appetite for these games around the world. In Canada, the phenomenon is expanding and “Find the key” is one of the pioneers in Montreal. We wish to share our passion with all the population.  But why are we so passionate about these escapes games?

There are many different stories regarding escape games depending on who you ask or what you read on Internet. I decided to look further on where this game begins.  In the second part of this article, I will introduce you to the other medias that had a great impact on the success of these escape games.

The first real life escape game was born in Kyoto in Japan by Takao Kato a company called SCRAP.  Their concept was to transform stadium or malls in a big immersive game where the participants had to escape.  The success was due to the weak chance of escaping.  Since then, the game spread through Asia and America.

Stay tuned for part 2, where I’ll look at media such as movies, TV shows and video games which have influenced the development of the escape game.

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