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Young, creative, involved, dedicated... we are Find The Key!


Our Maskot

Our Maskot is well active on our facebook page and challenges you every week with riddles. He makes his appearance from time to time in different events, proudly representing Find The Key.

Daniel Preda


The man who had the dream of Find The Key and put his heart and soul into it.

Ricardo Cutti Figueroa


One of the original enthusiasts who started it all. He knows everything about the business and the team. Don't worry be happy is his motto


Game Master

There is nothing she can't do. Whatever challenges we throw at her, she will take them with open arms and a smile on her face. She is direct and sincere. Customers always appreciate that especially when they have to be told that they have failed to the escape room challenge. ;)


Game Master

Queen of the North !! You'll be lucky to meet Sansa Stark's doppleganger. Energic and always smiling, you should GO STARK HER !


Game master

The handy man of Find the key, Maxence is often seen fixing the unfixable. Beware of his jokes because he will make you laugh to death !


Designer & lots more

Master of All Trades : Please can someone tell me what she is doing around here? Beware of the sleeping water her smile is contagious!


Game Master

The ENERGY BALL is coming ! She is always here and ready for innovation. Rumor says that she will give you all the help you need ! But everything has a price ...


Game master

If you are coming with your children she is the woman you need ! Why you ask ? Because she loves skiing (wait what ?) Oh and .... If you hear someone laughing there is a 99.9% chance it is her !


Game Master in training


Game Master

Curious and methodical she is emitting positive vibes. If you ever have questions about life please ask her ! Beware she may have some questions for you too.


Future employee

Maybe it's you ! You never know