Find the Key

What We Do

We are an "ESCAPE ROOM". The idea is simple.

Solve Puzzles

Find The Key

Escape The Room

You and your teammates are locked in a room. You need to find your way out by solving puzzles and using logic. You have less than an hour to do so.

This is the best activity to do indoors with your friends, work colleagues or family. The nature of the game works perfectly for anybody and everybody because it requires little physical effort and lots of logic, problem solving, brainstorming and communication skills. An escape room is a perfect way to have lots of fun, give yourselves a real challenge, build up relationships between team members, or even celebrate someone in an original way.

Word from the founder

We are proud to consider ourselves one of the best Escape Rooms in Montreal, and not without reason.


“It was in 2014 when I played an escape room for the first time. I fell in love instantly. That’s when I decided to open the first Escape Room in Montreal.

It was an opportunity of a lifetime to showcase my talent and creativity that people said my whole life I have. I put together a small team of enthusiasts and started building the first 2 scenarios. I was still working my regular day job when we opened to the public in October 2014.

We had a lot of setbacks since then, but our passion and client’s support helped us not only surpass the problems but becoming better. Today I can say without a doubt that Find The Key is one of the best escape rooms in Montreal, with an unequaled level of immersion and puzzle complexity.

I thank my team for their hard work and dedication, also my clients for their support and drive.