Find the Key

- a social experiment -

An escape room becomes a nightmare where your choices have dire consequences.
What will you do next?



  • Room contains elements that could be scary, gore or inappropriate for those under 16 years old.
  • Room contains stroboscopic lights that could trigger epileptic seizure. 


A story inspired by Stranger THINGS series.
Escape from the twisted mind of a little girl trapped between two worlds.
Dr Morgan’s Log: It’s been more than...




Escape from a mysterious log cabin hidden deep in the woods. What dark secret is hidden within its walls?




A story inspired by real life events of Pirate LA BUSE
Explore a real pirate ship and find a long lost treasure.



You and your teammates are locked in a room. You need to find your way out by solving puzzles and using logic. You have less than an hour to do so.

This is the best activity to do indoors with your friends, work colleagues or family. The nature of the game works perfectly for anybody and everybody because it requires little physical effort and lots of logic, problem solving, brainstorming and communication skills. An escape room is a perfect way to have lots of fun, give yourselves a real challenge, build up relationships between team members, or even celebrate someone in an original way.

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Special Events

Birthdays, Batchelor / Bachelorette parties, etc.

Let us help you organize your memorable unique event. You want to personalize a room, or add something unique and meaninful to you and your teammates, let’s talk!


Office Parties, Brainstorming, knowing your coleagues

Escape Rooms are perfect for corporate events. Our rooms are designed to encourage team play, brainstorming and communication. Actually, the rooms cannot be “solved” without all of the above.

Group Events

Special offers and pricing if you come in numbers

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