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Salon Du Jeu de Societe 2019 - Montreal

Event in premiere, for the 6-th edition of Montreal’s biggest annual Board Game Convention: Salon du jeu de société. For the first time ever the Convention introduced a professional escape room as part of their exposition tour. We were honored to organize such an event and excited even more because this was the first Escape Room we ever built outside our well known locations.

It was a lot of work involved into creating an unique and original masterpiece that had to be at a very high standard level that we usually build our scenarios, but also have a theme related to the event.

Despite numerous challenges and limitations, we managed to put up an amazing show and to spread around a good image of what an escape room is and should be.

We couldn’t have done it without our people’s hard work, passion and dedication, and without a good cooperation and support of the organizers of the event (and volunteers), who we applaud for their professionalism.

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