Find the Key



Escape from a dark cabin in the dark woods with a dark secret.

It all started like the adventure of our life. This forest is known as being haunted… what better place to spend Halloween? Everything was going well… all gathered around the fire telling scary stories and eating marshmallows…

Until out of nowhere, a storm broke loose. The rain was falling down so badly that we could barely see anything. A voice suddenly broke through the storm… “In here, hurry!” he said.

We followed the voice to a small cave in the mountain where an old man had shelter. But not all of us made it to safety. Two of our friends got lost in the storm.

The old man offered us some warm tea and dry blankets. Around the fire, he told us about this old cabin close by, which used to be the house of a woman whose parents were accused of witchcraft. Now the place is empty, but many say it’s haunted by evil spirits. Many people have disappeared, never to be found in this forest.

If our friends are still out there, that could be the first place to start searching… maybe they found shelter in the old cabin…